B-12 Energy BerryMelt with Super Fruits by Purity Products

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New and Improved B-12 Energy BerryMelts™

Newly updated - Purity's B-12 Energy BerryMelts™ Formula now includes the super fruits Acai and Goji Berry. This innovative Vitamin B-12 energy-support formula is designed to give you a safe energy melt in a convenient, quick dissolve mini-tablet. The ideal alternative to caffeinated pills, energy shots or beverages, B-12 Energy BerryMelts™ fit easily in a purse or a pocket, making it perfect for people who need a B-12 energy lift even when they're on the go.

Purity's B-12 Energy BerryMelt™ is a quick dissolving, great tasting chewable supplement that promotes energy and focus with essential B vitamins.* Vitamin B12 is a key energy vitamin. B12 is needed for metabolism of carbohydrates, which serve as the body's fuel. Additionally, B12 builds proteins, strong red blood cells and healthy nerves.*

Rounding out this innovative formulation, Vitamins B6, D3, Folic Acid and Biotin work as a nutritional team to help maintain healthy blood cells, strong bones and healthy brain function while supporting cellular energy production.*

The Research Is In

Research shows that a body well-nourished with key ingredients like Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D3 enjoys benefits in the areas of energy, stamina and mental clarity.* In particular, a Vitamin B12 deficiency is a simple yet often overlooked cause of many different kinds of health symptoms. The fact is that Vitamin B-12 is essential for a wide range of bodily functions:

  • Promoting healthy energy levels *
  • Managing occasional fatigue*
  • Supporting healthy memory and mental clarity*
  • Promoting normal cell growth and repair*
  • Supporting a healthy immune system*
  • Sustaining proper metabolism*

B12, Folic Acid and B6 Team Up for Energy, Vitality and Healthy Blood

Vitamin B12, the largest and most complex of all the vitamins, is essential for cellular energy production and a host of biological functions vital to health and well-being. The body utilizes vitamin B12 to produce energy from protein, fat and carbohydrates. B12 is required for biosynthesis of hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. Without B12, oxygen cannot be delivered to cells and metabolism comes to a halt.

Human observational studies show that B12 has a positive effect on mood, cognitive performance and the ability to perform activities of daily living. In a human clinical trial, a B12 supplementation improved sleep quality, alertness, concentration, daytime freshness and sense of well-being. The form of B12 used in this study was methylcobalamin, the precise form provided in B12 Energy BerryMelt.

Folic acid also wears a variety of metabolic hats. Folic acid works in the body as a group of metabolically active co-enzymes that are needed for protein metabolism. DNA production depends on folic acid. Vitamin B12, in turn, interacts with folic acid to build DNA. If DNA synthesis falters because of folic acid deficiency, blood cells will then show signs of B12 deficiency. Fatigue can result, from inadequate delivery of oxygen for energy production.

B6 is also an energy vitamin, facilitating the release of glucose from glycogen so glucose can be used as fuel. When athletes "carb-up", they are making glucose deposits into their glycogen "banks"; this stored glucose is then available for use during intense athletic activity. Without B6, the bank is closed. Healthy red blood cells depend on B6 as well; one of B6's many co-enzymes helps build the iron-containing portion of hemoglobin, the part that picks up oxygen and releases it to your tissues.

A Unique Melt in Your Mouth Formula

Our B-12 Energy BerryMelts™ formula is UNIQUE in that it features a melt-in-your-mouth (buccal) delivery system. No need for water. No need to swallow. Just place it on your tongue and let it melt away in less than a minute!

Use the B12 BerryMelt for promoting energy, vitality and focus during a variety of demanding activities you face during the day such as:

  • Work and Meetings
  • At the Gym
  • Sports
  • Recreational activities
  • Studying and Learning
  • or any time you need extra energy