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Fast Action H.A. Super Formula by Purity Products

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Fast Action H.A.™ - Promotes Joint Comfort in as Little as Two Hours

For people who want even faster results from their joint supplement, Purity proudly introduces Fast Action H.A.™ -- our most advanced HA formula ever. The cornerstone of this formula is Hyaluronic Acid or H.A., but that's only the beginning. In addition to H.A., the cutting edge ingredient Perluxan®(a clinically tested extract from hops) has also been added for its ability to support joint comfort.* One of our best selling joint support ingredients, H.A. is often called "the molecule of youth" because our body produces it in abundance when we’re young. That’s why young people enjoy supple, flexible joints and youthful skin. Unfortunately, bodily HA production slows down as we age. The good news is that supplementing with HA can help preserve and maintain active, healthy and flexible joints.*

What is H.A.?

Hyaluronic Acid or H.A. is the crucial space-filling, hydrating, substance found in connective tissues. Hyaluronic Acid functions as the "glue" that keeps your cells together. It is a key component of collagen and fills the spaces between your cells. Most importantly for your joint health, when Hyaluronic Acid binds with water it forms a gel that helps provide cushioning and lubrication to joints.*

The Joint Cushioning Properties of BioCell Collagen®

Manufactured through a patented process that ensures quality and purity, BioCell Collagen® fortifies joints with HA, plus two other key ingredients for supporting healthy joint cartilage: hydrolyzed collagen Type II and chondroitin sulfate. All three are components of your own joint cartilage and all are known to benefit joint health.* BioCell Collagen® has been clinically tested and found effective in maintaining normal joint comfort.*

230 Compounds Evaluated, 20 Tested - Perluxan® Won

To help better understand the evolution of Perluxan® it is important to note that, during the late 1990’s, a handful of research companies began looking for natural ways to specifically support joint health and promote normal joint comfort. Extensive literature reviews of 230 botanicals in combination with a state-of-the-art screening assay, determined the overall effectiveness of various active agents extracted from plants. The early botanical cell assays yielded about 20 candidates, and these herbal finalists participated in a series of proof-of-principle studies to investigate their potential of eventually becoming a natural, efficacious natural product used to maintain comfort in the joints. Of those 20 prospects, one ingredient was identified as having the highest chance of success. This ingredient, a standardized extract of hops previously known for its antioxidant properties, was subsequently tested at the respected William Harvey Institute in the U.K. using the gold-standard William Harvey Whole Blood Assay. This ingredient was Perluxan®.

Perluxan® – A Clinically Tested Ingredient that Helps Support Normal Joint Comfort in as Little as 2 Hours

Perluxan® is a unique standardized extract of Hops that has multiple documented actions in supporting normal joint comfort.* In a randomized, double-blind clinical trial, Perluxan® delivered its joint-easing benefits in just 2-hours.

Perluxan® is a proprietary extract of Hops (Humulus lupulus L.), an herb traditionally used for centuries. Researchers have discovered that Hops contains natural components called alpha acids which directly benefit joints. Perluxan® is standardized to contain 30 percent alpha acids using state-of-the art extraction technology. Perluxan® has been clinically tested in human studies performed at the renowned William Harvey Institute, Royal London School of Medicine in the United Kingdom. Perluxan® is gentle, safe and free of the sleep-inducing effects of ordinary Hops.

Perluxan® has been shown to work gently with the body’s natural biochemistry that keeps joints in their normal state of comfort and healthy function.* Using the gold standard, William Harvey Whole Blood Assay, researchers observed that alpha acids are strong antioxidants that effectively neutralize free radicals. In extensive laboratory tests, Perluxan® has demonstrated its special ability to help the body keep free radical induced oxidation in check, through multiple mechanisms of action.*

What makes Perluxan® unique is the quick onset of benefits. In the human trials, Perluxan® supplementation exhibited fast action while study subjects were sitting, lying down or walking on a flat surface. Most notably, it works within as little as two hours after taking it the first time. The researchers concluded that Perluxan® effectively supports healthy joint function and quality of life.*


FruiteX-B® is another natural ingredient with researched benefits for joint well-being.* FruiteX-B® is calcium fructoborate, a highly bioavailable form of boron found in fruits and vegetables. Calcium fructoborate is a food-plant mineral, delivering boron in what is perhaps the most effective form of delivery for human consumption. Like each of the other joint-support ingredients in Fast Action H.A.™, FruiteX-B® has also passed muster in a double-blind, clinical research study. Subjects in the study who took FruiteX-B® showed significant gains in ability to move joints freely and engage in daily activities. Quality of life scores and energy levels were also improved with FruiteX-B® supplementation. The results of this research show that FruiteX-B® is an effective nutritional partner with Perluxan® and Biocell Collagen® for support of the body’s natural ability to maintain joint health and comfort.*

Fast Action H.A.™ also contains VitaBerry®, a blend of berry extracts that nourish the body with the benefits of berries such as blueberry, bilberry and others. VitaBerry® also boosts the antioxidant power of the formulation further augmenting the ability of this formula to support healthy joint function.*

H.A. is Not Only for Joints, It's Also for Beauty From Within

Hyaluronic acid is not just for joints, but also an essential component of skin that keeps it healthy, supple, hydrated and youthful. Now there’s dramatic visible proof of the power of BioCell Collagen® as a safe, nutritional source of H.A. that works effectively from within to help keep skin beautiful.*

A recent 12-week clinical trial was conducted to learn more about how taking BioCell Collagen® daily changes skin appearance for the better. A study group of 26 healthy women, aged thirty five to fifty nine, took 1000 mg of BioCell Collagen® per day (the exact same dose as found in Purity’s HA Formulas).

New Study Illustrates How HA Visibly Reduces Wrinkles within 12 Weeks

After just 12 weeks of oral supplementation with 1000 mg of BioCell Collagen®, improvements were seen in facial aging signs such as wrinkling and lines, as well as the collagen content of the dermal skin layer. Using both quantitative and qualitative measurements, the investigators found that BioCell Collagen® produces healthier, younger looking facial skin through multiple key mechanisms. BioCell Collagen® helps increase hydration and collagen to reduce wrinkles and unwanted lines, resulting in a healthier, smoother skin texture. Additionally, it reduces dryness and scaling and promotes optimal microcirculation in the skin. BioCell Collagen® thus improves beauty on the outside by supporting healthy skin from the inside.*

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the striking photos below are positive proof of the beautification power of BioCell Collagen®.