Graviola Anamu 500mg - 100% Natural - 100 Capsules by Earth's Creation USA - rejuvem

Graviola Anamu 500mg - 100% Natural - 100 Capsules by Earth's Creation USA

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Graviola  (Annona muricata) also known as soursop is found in the Amazon jungle and some of the Caribbean islands.  Graviol a tree leaves have been used traditionally for their various therapeutic properties.  More recent scientific studies suggest that Acetogenins the active constituents of Graviola can support healthy cell growth and function.  In addition Graviola has been used for its whole body calming effects and as a supplement to help maintain a positive mood.*

ANAMU ORGANIC. (Petiveria Alliacea) Anamu is very well known in Central and South America. Anamu was first studied by the University of Zulia In Venezuela, with Cancer patients, back then caused a great enthusiasm over the population. It has been commonly used to treat various types of Cancer. Study has shown that ANAMU stimulates the production of Interferon, which interferes with the proliferation of defective cells. Helping the body to get rid of waste. ANAMU is also an excellent remedy for women menstruation disorders.*

Many cultures have utilized Anamu flowers, leaves, and roots for remedies of a variety of negative health conditions.  In general it is a common remedy for colds, flus and viruses, and may prevent and reduce Candida, yeast infections and urinary tract infections. Anamu is also a powerful pain-reliever and anti-inflammatory.*

But that’s not all. It is also an antibacterial, antifungal, antitumorous and antiviral agent. With a powerful ability to boost the immune system and regulate the nervous system, documentation on the herb shows that it was traditionally used as an anti-anxiety aid. It was also a well-known antioxidant, fighting free radicals from the body, and was also an anti-rheumatic, antispasmodic, diaphoretic and diuretic. With a distinct ability to lower fever and resolve digestive upset, this herb was highly revered by traditional medicinalists. Organic Anamu provides many health benefits due to its unique composition of several biologically active compounds. Some of these include flavonoids, benzoic acid, coumarin, triterpenes, steroids, tannins, sulfuric agents, isoarborinol, senfol, and trithiolaniacine.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the United States FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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