Healthy Vision Complete | With Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Astaxanthin by True Health

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Healthy Vision Complete™ NEW & IMPROVED Healthy Vision Complete™ Key ingredients include: lutein, astaxanthin and zeaxanthin Support healthy vision with research levels of key antioxidants-now in NEW & IMPROVED Healthy Vision Complete™ Great news! Mounds of research clearly show that nourishing your eyes with specific nutrients significantly supports healthy vision. The key is getting the right nutrients, in the right forms, at the research levels. That's what you'll find in new and improved Healthy Vision Complete™, including... Full research levels of 20 mg daily of Lutemax® lutein to protect your macula and lens. Healthy level of 4 mg daily of astaxanthin to fight free-radicals in your entire eye Added antioxidant power from vitamins A, C, and E to keep your eyes strong and tissue healthy Added zinc to maintain the high levels your eyes require for peak vision health Your eyes come under constant attack by... ... UV light rays, free-radicals from environmental pollutants, and simple wear and tear. By simply using the right nutrients, you can fight back-and support healthy vision. As an added bonus, astaxanthin and zeaxanthin-also in new and improved Healthy Vision Complete™-combat eye fatigue and eyestrain, particularly helpful in these days of heavy computer and mobile phone use. Altogether, new and improved Healthy Vision Complete™ helps your eyes adjust faster between near and far objects, adapt to darkness quickly, and most importantly, maintain your macular health - for ongoing healthy vision. Lutemax is a registered trademark of OmniActive Health Technologies.