Nuvaprin HD by Purity Products - 60 vegetarian capsules

  • $ 48.88

Science-Based Ingredients for Healthy Vein Support

Nuvaprin HD™ provides an easy, safe and effective way to support blood vessel health. The active ingredients in Nuvaprin HD™, Hesperidin and Diosmin, have shown highly significant results in clinical studies to support and protect veins.*

Disomin has been shown in research studies to support venous tone and normal lymphatic drainage. Both Hesperidin and Diosmin may help regulate the activity of certain immune factors, thus supporting the normal healthy function of blood vessels. Diosmin in the proper concentration has been shown to maintain efficient circulatory and vascular function. A combination of Hesperdin and Diosmin has been shown to support healthy venous tone, elasticity and healthy circulation.*

Horse chestnut seed extract has been shown to exert significant antioxidant effects on vascular tissue, allowing for the maintenance of normal circulatory function and support of healthy vessel tone. Studies point to the potential ability of Horse chestnut seed extract to help regulate enzymes in the circulatory system to support normal, healthy vascular function.*

Nuvaprin HD™ Helps To Support:

  • The appearance of healthy leg veins*
  • Healthy blood vessels and circulation*
  • Healthy vessel elasticity and venous tone*

This product contains no milk, eggs, soy, wheat, tree nuts, fish, shellfish or gluten.