Organically Grown Bitter Melon Extract - 100% Memordica Charantia

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Cundeamor also known as Bitter Melon or Momordica charantia, is a tropical fruit with blood sugar lowering properties, demonstrated in over 100 research studies. Most of the studies utilized 1000mg of Bitter Melon Extract and since each capsule of Herbacure's Cundeamor (Bitter Melon extract) contains 500mg, you just need 2 capsules to cover your dietary requirements.

Bitter Melon also has been shown to reduce the appetite. The ingredient in the fruit called lectin along with four other chemical compounds, lower the concentration of sugar in the blood. Bitter melon stimulates an enzyme in the body that mimics the method by which exercise utilizes sugar in the blood. This means that by eating bitter melon, the sugar in the blood is moved from the blood to the muscles and is then converted to energy, instead of to fat. Since Chromium is a perfect compliment to Bitter Melon, for lowering blood sugar, we also offer the Bitter Melon with Chromium option.

Chromium removes glucose from your blood. When you eat sugar, your body utilizes the supply of chromium, so it's important to add this nutrient to your diet. Chromium levels also decrease with aging by as much as 40 percent.